We Are Proud TO Present…

…A Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known As South West Africa, From the German Sudewest-Africa, Between the years 1884-1915 by Jakie Sibblies Jury. A long title, I know. This was the first show that I was cast in this semester. The show consisted of six actors and was directed by Elizabeth Kirkland. This show was more fun and challenging than anything that I have ever experienced on stage. The show follows six actors trying to tell the story of the Herero genocide. The only problem is that each of the actors cannot agree on the “right” way that the story should be told. As the story unfolds, the actors start to blur the line between the Herero genocide and the subject of racism in America.

This show pushed me to say the leas, but in a way that I am sure that I have grown from. Being cast as a freshman, I didn’t know anyone that I would be working with. I was going in with no preconceived notion of what was expected of me, except that I would have to learn more lines than I had ever learned before and stay on stage for the entire show. The amount of trust that Elizabeth had in me was nerve racking. I didn’t want to fail my first time on stage at UA. But the cast and crew of the show made the entire process easier than I could have ever expected. Each day I couldn’t wait to get to rehearsal. The cast became more of a family than just co-stars. The trust between us reached levels that I didn’t think I would ever be able to have with people that I had only just met a few weeks beforehand. It was an experience that makes you fear that you’ve peaked in your freshman year. Although I have three more years to maybe get cast in another show, I don’t know if the experience that I had with this cast can ever be repeated.

Photos by Porfirio Solórzano and Jeff Hanson

(If viewing on smartphone turn landscape to view photos clearly)

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