Dog Sees God

Crimson White Interview

Dog Sees God is a different kind of show. It’s one that tackles a whole different set of issues than ordinary shows: this show is about the Peanuts characters all grown up. Sadly, the young characters that we all know and love grew up to be something totally different. Each one of the old characters has gone through something that has changed them for the worst, the most notable change being that of Charlie Brown and Schroder. The play revolves around the relationship of these two characters and the struggles that the two endure throughout their year in high school

Dog Sees God Angry face

The process of this show was much different than that of We Are Proud… It wasn’t bad, but it was different. The show was put on by APO (Alpha Psi Omega). This means that every aspect of the show was run by students. From the rehearsal process to the direction to the notes given, all were run by students. This change gave me a new perspective on how theatre can be directed by someone that is my age and not someone that I see as an elder. Rarely have I had the chance to be given direction or notes from someone that I have the possibility to see in a class or be in a show with. It’s something I definitely won’t forget.


Dog Sees God Bow


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