Between the Lines


In January I kicked the year off right with the: Between the Lines 24-hour Festival of Plays. Our team, “Quarter-Black” created one of the most ridiculous stories to ever hit the Allen Bales stage. The story was about a boy trying to find his real parents after being told by his parents that he was adopted. The story continues into complete madness as the character falls victim to hallucinations of a childhood robot coming to life, a bank train robbery, and a duel with a crazy anime fan.

        The rules for the festival stated that we had to start off with a certain line, end with a line, and use a random object in the show. Our object ended up being a toy robot.

The process of writing a show before this experience was quite foreign to almost the entire team. The process started by us first commandeering the only conference room in the building and ordered a pizza. Clearly we had our priorities straight. Next, we sat down and listed off idea after idea until our white board was completely filled. We crossed out the ideas that were either too hard or not plausible with our space and what we were left with was a strange amalgamation of a plot. We then began the writing process. We went through about three different scripts before finalizing. After all of this we were tired and decided to go to sleep and meet back in the morning to rehearse. When we got back we ended up rehearsing for about 4 hours before calling it quits and deciding that what we had is what we had.

Team Quarter-Black

The plays were hilarious and also heartbreaking. It’s experiences like this that make you respect playwrights and writers alike. I can’t wait for next year! This time we’re going to win it all.

Crimson White Review

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