Black Enough

I feel like it’s time to officially announce that I am co-directing a show called “Black Enough”. The project is a one-man show written by Jahman Ariel Hill. He approached me about directing the project in December. He told me that he wanted to change the narrative of the way that African American’s are looked at in this country: that they must dress, act, dance…etc a certain way to be considered black. He wanted to create a show that told children that no matter what they are told in schools they are simply enough!

So we got to work! One of my other co-directors (Eric Marvel), Jahman, and I met over our Christmas break and figured out the structure of the show and what research all of us needed to do. It’s been about 3 months since then and we now have full team made up of two choreographers, three directors, a lighting designer, a sound designer, an advertising team, and a documentary team. That’s not to mention the continued support of some our faculty and staff at the department.

We work-shopped the show in New York on March: 11, 13, and 14th. We will officially opened the show in April and will tour across the country during the summer.
God is good, there is no way we could do this without him, and yes there has been a lot prayer in this process. We have big plans for this show and even bigger plans for after it. But I’ll let that be the big bomb shell for this month.

If you made it this far thank you and please be praying for us. We have frequently been rehearsing until 1 am just to get this show right.

My team and I have merchandise and are touring and everything is going great. I’ve decided to start an organization on campus called The Flourish that we are also expanding into a non-profit that Jahman will spread the word about as he travels the country planting/expanding the organization wherever he goes. At this point it’s been two days since I announced the start of the organization and I have been inundated with emails and text messages from people who would like to join. I’m super excited. If any artist see this message and wanna join please dm me and we can try and set something up where you are.

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